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Where Can I Get Dog Art?

You can buy dog art from us if you want! Or alternatively, you could look in the following places:

  1. Art galleries: Look for art galleries that specialize in animal art, or that feature local artists who create dog-themed pieces.
  2. Online art marketplaces: Websites like Etsy, Saatchi Art, and Society6 have a wide variety of dog art available for purchase from independent artists.
  3. Pet stores and boutiques: Many pet stores and boutiques carry dog-themed art, such as prints and sculptures, as well as clothing and accessories featuring dog images.
  4. Local artists: Look for local artists in your area who create dog-themed art, and see if they have any pieces for sale or if they take commissions for custom pieces.
  5. Charity auctions and events: Many animal welfare organizations hold charity auctions and events that feature dog-themed art, with proceeds going to support the organization’s mission.
  6. Art fairs: Attend local art fairs, which usually feature a variety of artists and mediums, including dog art.

What Is Dog Art?

Dog art refers to any form of art that depicts or references dogs, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, illustrations, and digital art. It can take many forms, from realistic to abstract, and can be created for a variety of purposes, such as decoration, storytelling, or as a tribute to a beloved pet.

We love dogs and so make all of our art as a tribute to our favourite breeds!

Can You Make Custom Artwork Of My Dog?

Not yet. But we’re working on it. Right now you can buy portraits and illustrations of your favourite dogs.