Top 11 Veterinary Companies in Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis famed for its glitzy facade, Hollywood glamour, and sun-drenched beaches, is also a city with a heart that beats in sync with the well-being of its countless four-legged, feathered, and finned companions. The City of Angels, renowned for its diverse communities and innovation-driven economy, extends its forward-thinking spirit into the compassionate realm of veterinary care. With a pet ownership rate that surpasses the national average, Los Angeles not only embraces its animals as indispensable family members but also fosters a burgeoning veterinary industry, ensuring the highest standards of health and wellness for its beloved animal residents.

Amid the dynamic landscape of LA, the veterinary field is experiencing an exciting surge, propelled by advancements in veterinary technology, rising demand for specialty care, and a robust community of pet advocates. The city’s top veterinary companies are at the forefront of this growth, offering cutting-edge services varying from preventative care to specialized surgeries. These establishments are more than just clinics and hospitals; they are centers of excellence, innovation, and above all, compassion. This vibrant sector’s rise is a testament not only to Los Angeles’ love for its pets but also to its commitment to providing them with the best possible care, reflecting the city’s all-encompassing embrace of growth and the well-being of every inhabitant under the Californian sun.

Let’s see the who’s on the list:

Modern Animal

Modern Animal revolutionizes veterinary care by blending cutting-edge technology with a membership model, enhancing accessibility and personalized service for both pets and their owners. Their services include unlimited exams, on-demand virtual care, and convenient in-app prescription handling, all designed to foster stronger relationships between veterinarians, pets, and pet owners.

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Airvet revolutionizes pet care by enabling seamless video and real-time chat consultations between veterinarians and pet owners, enhancing the continuity of care and clinic revenue. Founded in 2018 and based in Los Angeles, it fosters a thriving community of innovative veterinary professionals.

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KeepPet revolutionizes pet care by providing a digital platform where owners can instantly connect with veterinarians through chats or video calls, ensuring fast, professional advice. With features like a global pet passport, detailed pet profiles, and access to a global community of pet enthusiasts and experts, KeepPet makes comprehensive care and information readily accessible to enhance your pet’s health and safety.

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Vetted PetCare

Vetted PetCare revolutionizes pet health with its convenient in-home veterinary services and real-time video consultations. Their expert team ensures your pet gets professional care in the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Leap Venture Studio

Leap Venture Studio stands out as the premier startup accelerator in pet care, backed by the powerful collaboration of Mars Petcare, Michelson Found Animals, and R/GA. Offering up to $200K in funding, it provides a detailed 12-week program that culminates in a live pitch event, empowering each selected company with sophisticated resources and industry connections.

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VCA Hospitals

VCA Hospitals stands out as a top-tier provider of pet healthcare, boasting a vast network of over 600 small animal veterinary hospitals across the US and Canada. Their comprehensive services, which include advanced diagnostic imaging by Sound and efficient practice marketing through VetSTREET, set the standard in the veterinary industry.

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VCA Animal Hospitals excels in blending advanced veterinary care with a personal touch, serving over four million pets annually across its extensive network of local clinics. By investing in the latest technology and continuous staff training, VCA stands at the forefront of veterinary medicine, ensuring top-tier treatment and innovation in pet healthcare.

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Veterinary Staff Unlimited

Company Name: Veterinary Staff Unlimited
Description: With 25 years of expertise, Veterinary Staff Unlimited expertly elevates veterinary hospitals across California through exceptional staffing and consultation services. Their profound insights and strategic transformations promise to enhance your veterinary practice comprehensively.

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VCA Animal Specialty & Emergency Center

VCA Animal Specialty & Emergency Center excels in providing comprehensive veterinary services such as critical care, surgery, and specialty fields like cardiology and oncology. They are dedicated to enhancing the health and wellbeing of pets through advanced treatment options and thorough educational support for pet owners.

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The Pet Staff

The Pet Staff excels in providing reliable and insightful pet care advice, with over 2,000 topics spanning from feline to avian care. Spearheaded by a veterinary medicine doctor, their trusted content not only informs but guides pet owners with precision and depth.

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Miranda Alcott & Company

For nearly four decades, Miranda Alcott & Company has excelled in enhancing communication between animals and humans, revolutionizing how caregivers connect with their non-human counterparts. As an esteemed Animal Medical Intuitive, Miranda collaborates closely with global veterinarians, offering crucial insights during consultations, treatment monitoring, and procedural feedback.

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