What is A Bloodhound?

A Bloodhound is a large breed of hound, originally bred for hunting deer and wild boar. Bloodhounds have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, and are often used by law enforcement to track missing persons and fugitives. Bloodhounds are also well known for their long, drooping ears and deep, soulful eyes.

Are Bloodhounds Friendly With Children?

Yes, bloodhounds can be friendly with children. They are known to be gentle and patient with children. However, they should always be supervised when interacting with children, as they can be large and strong dogs.

How Long Does A Bloodhound Live?

Bloodhounds usually live between 10 and 12 years.

Are Bloodhounds Hypoallergenic?

No, Bloodhounds are not hypoallergenic.

Are Bloodhounds Aggressive?

No, Bloodhounds are not typically aggressive. They have gentle and easygoing temperaments, and they are known for being loyal and affectionate. They are very gentle and patient with children, and they will often be protective of their families.

When Does A Bloodhound Stop Growing?

Bloodhounds typically reach their full size at 18-24 months of age, though they may still fill out and add some muscle mass until they are around 3 years old.

How Much Should A Bloodhound Weigh?

The AKC breed standard for Bloodhounds states that males should weigh between 80 and 110 pounds, and females should weigh between 70 and 100 pounds.

Do Bloodhounds Bark A Lot?

Yes, bloodhounds bark a lot. This is especially true when they are tracking a scent. They are also known to bark a lot when they are excited or bored.